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For devs, on Solana.
$STREAM contract:


Solstream, evolving from a 2021 project on Polygon, is now embracing a more open and decentralized approach, inviting new developers to contribute. Our pivot is driven by the community, with a focus on keeping team identities confidential to ensure development is community-led. The lead developer, instrumental in previous hackathon successes, remains an active part of our anonymous team. We prioritize privacy and encourage interested individuals to independently research (DYOR) our project’s journey and potential.

1st Prize at Chainlink Hackathon

Won 1st prize in the Decentralized Storage category

Partnered with Lens Protocol

Received Grant to Develop Social Video App

Filecoin grants

Received grants from Filecoin

Received grants from Polygon Studios

Received grants – Hackathon winner


About SolStream

SolStream is a decentralized protocol-sdk on the Solana blockchain, designed for Web3 creators and developers. It offers easy integration with Phantom Wallet, decentralized video storage through IPFS, enhanced live streaming via Livepeer, and opportunities for direct support through tokenized donations. The platform facilitates engaging experiences with NFTs, token drops, and investment in gaming assets, revolutionizing streaming and gaming on Web3.


Project Plan
• Website development
• Whitepaper creation
• Solstream beta protocol live
• Social media verification
• Prelaunch marketing activities
• Community building efforts
• Official launch on Raydium and liquidity burnt/locked
• Strategic marketing campaigns
• Testing and release of SolStream Phantom login
• Dexscreener, Dextools, Birdeye, Avedex verification
• Listing on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG)
• Setting up SolStream LP pools (Meteora)
• Current partnerships announcements
• Expansion of the community and Global marketing initiatives
• New Partnerships
• Testing and release of SolStream IPFS file upload
• Introduction of SolStream audio and video calling
• New UI design implementation
• Onboarding creators and KOLs to SolStream DAPP
• Addition of extra features to SolStream
Token Launch
• Release of SolStream on Play Store and App Store
• Introduction of in-app rewards for SolStream users
• Testing and release of Solstream LivePeer streaming
• SolStream ads implementation
• Incorporation of additional features into SolStream
Alpha Test
• Listing on centralized exchanges (CEX)
• Implementation of group chat feature in SolStream
• Introduction of SolStream streaming functionality
• Launching staking for rewards within SolStream
• Start building for Solana devices